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Seriously, why do female celebrities think they can leave their house in a short dress and not have paparazzi snapping photos of their upskirt panty pics? Some celebrities like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan leave the house to go clubbing without panties on!

In these celebrity upskirt pics it is Victoria Silvstedt getting caught with her panties in a bind. I love female celebrities because they hold themselves to a higher standard than most women do. Like here Victoria could have just decided to go out without shaving her pussy up nice, but, no… She wouldn’t be caught with a thatch!



Close up of Victoria Silvstedt upskirt pics with shaved pussy!

You can get hundreds of pics and videos featuring celebrity upskirts at Buster Paparazzi. They find your favorite celebrities in all states of dress from sexy bikinis to completely naked. Updates roll in weekly and you get access to a network of celebrity sites targeting the hottest niches!

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So Jessy is supposed to be shooting footage of a celebrity gala event in Hollywood and this super hot VIP babe in a yellow dress gets in front of him in line to get in. When Jessy isn’t shooting video for news programs and what not he is shooting video for his site 100 Upskirts. So rather than waste his time in line Jessy drops his camera into his camera bag with a special hole in the top and starts shooting this insane celebrity upskirt video.

We never do get to see enough of her to tell who it is, but my money is on it being the sister of Paris Hilton. Or maybe Tera Reid. Or what ever that skinny bitches name is.

Anyway… Jessy shoots all kinds of upskirt videos like this and while the site says 100, the true number is in the 1000’s!

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So I guess Miley Cyrus is trying hard to shed her Mickey Mouse Club image and will do anything to achieve that outcome. Miley tried smoking pot and having the video posted. That didn’t work. Though I am sure it was salvia she was smoking based on the reaction she had after smoking it…

Miley also tried posting sexy pics of her then underage self and still that didn’t work. Disney threw in the media spinners and they spun a web of how sorry she was for doing something so inappropriate.

So now Miley Cyrus has taking cues from past Disney Clubbers, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan by exposing her bald pussy to the world. If you don’t know what I am talking about just follow the link on Brit and Lindsey’s names above.

You see, Paris Hilton had it right. Guys like sex! They don’t give two shits about girls that don’t put out. So Paris put out in a big way! Now she is a fucking star!

How does a Mickey Mouse Club alumni break out of the child idol role? She exposes her shaved snatch to the world! You can find all of the naked beavers Hollywood is producing at Banned Celebs.


At Banned Celebs they collect all of the hottest nude pics that make it to the web and they also have the stuff celebrities sue to keep under wraps! Stop wasting your time looking for this stuff when you can have hundreds of celebrity upskirts smacking you right in the face!

Now I know that Miley Cyrus is some kind of role model for little girls, but it ain’t like they are looking up Miley Cyrus upskirt pics. They are looking up Hanna Montana and shit like that. So I doubt this is even going to be a problem for them.

Oh… Speaking of problems. Don’t go see LOL the new movie by Miley. It was a total bomb. It was supposed to be a Hollywood remake of a French remake of an award winning play. Once you recycle something that many times it turns to shit no matter how any stars you throw at it!

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I swear some Hollywood celebrities think they have to show their crotch off to the world just to stay relevant. Oh wait… What’s that? Britney Spears isn’t a Hollywood celebrity? Oh yeah, I forgot. She is just some washed up singer with a hit song or two on the radio at any given time!

What a slut!

Does she really think that I need to be seeing her pink lace panties every time she gets into or out of a car?

Damn straight I do! And so do you!


You can catch all of your favorite celebs, Hollywood or not, letting it all hang out at Celeb Matrix. They have celebrity upskirts and tons of camel toe, nudity and even fake nudity! Hey, some girls don’t get naked in public! Luckily for us Britney does!

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Hillary Duff is a very cute celebrity and unlike the other teen Celebrites-on-net, she has remained pretty classy.  Of course we are still gonna try and sneak a peak, it is part of our job.

Celebrities-on-net is the place for all of your favorite celebrity upskirt pictures.  Hilary Duff has not disgraced herself or graced us with the kind of pictures that we have become accustomed to from the Britney‘s and Lindsey‘s of the world.  But maybe one day, and if it happens Celebrities-on-net is your place to look.

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Ok, I admit it.  I have watched all of the Twilight Series, or at least the parts that have been on cable.  I never understood what all the business of Vampires and Were Wolves fighting over this plain looking chick, well Mr. Skin helped me understand it a little better. 

The upskirt shot of Kristen Stewart on Mr. Skin from Welcome to the Rileys has made me appreciate her a little more.  Although I am not putting my immortal well being on the line for her, but she looks better to me now than she did.

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Shauna Sand Out For Dinner With Her Daughters

I swear… Do actresses even know when to stop acting anymore? Here we have Shauna Sand having a lunch date with her kids and she can’t stop flashing her enormous tits and giving upskirt panty shots to the paparazzi! Talk about being a total slut!

But hey, it ain’t all bad. Along with some bit parts in shows like Charmed this blonde hottie was Playmate of the Month for May 1996. Oh, and she has a sex tape that makes the Pamela Anderson one look tame!

You can get it at Private Celebs. They have a huge collection of photos and videos the celebs never meant to go public. Then again, like I said early, do these girls even know how to hit the stop button? Ever since Paris Hilton‘s sex tape went double platinum it seems everyone is "accidentally" having one released!

Shauna Sand Out For Dinner With Her Daughters


Time to go watch the Shauna Sand sex tape and enjoy some more celebrity upskirts at Private Celebs!

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Kristanna Loken upskirt

You know her as the female Terminator in the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Kristanna Loken appeared in 10 episodes of the fourth season of The L Word. Perhaps that was an omen for what was to come because this little blonde hottie broke up with her husband Noah Danby and is now a lesbian!

Jesus, this girl has impeccable taste in panties! Then again, most celebrities do. Perhaps that is why Celebrity Upskirts always deliver?


Apparently Kristanna has been dating women on and off for her entire dating life. God I love girls like her! It isn’t hard to see what her girlfriend sees in her, but without a picture of her girlfriend, we can’t know what Kristanna was thinking when she left her hubby!


Rumors are spreading that her new fling is none other than Michelle Rodriguez from LOST! This Latina babe is often type cast as a female cop or just an all around bad girl!

Michelle has consistently made it into the hottest 100 list of many notable men’s magazines. It seems Miss Rodriguez isn’t comfortable with being labeled a lesbian and is often seen hanging on the arms of Hollywood bad boys like Vin Diesel.

So there you have it. How about this fake couple of Vin and Michelle stop acting like their are not gay and then Kristanna and Michelle can get married! Who knows, we might have some double upskirt action in the future!?!?

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It is almost like her husband is trying to give the photographers something to look at… right? With lots of celebrities you have to settle for an upskirt pic here and there, with Malin Ackerman you get the panty pics and you also get her topless videos!

Celeb Matrix has done it yet again. They managed to get both pics and videos of this hot Hollywood starlet. I have to tell you, her tits are simply amazing! Read more and check them out!


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If you are thinking the brunette in this photo looks vaguely familiar it is probably because you have played the game Tomb Raider. At one time she was the official Lara Croft. You may have also seen her in Sports Illustrated or in magazine ads for everything from diamonds to Pearl Drops toothpaste.

One thing is for sure, Lucy Clarkson is not shy about showing off her panties. She actually lifted up her skirt and gave the paparazzi a full view of her slightly see-through panties. Keep reading for more pics of them!

Lucy Clarkson upskirt panty photos.


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The whole idea of celebrity is a perverse thing. Especially when it comes to Paris Hilton. So many people have an opinion about her. Many of my friends act like she isn’t all that, but the reality of it is, if she weren’t a celebrity and she met them in a bar, they’d try to fuck her. No doubt about it!

See the Paris Hilton bikini pics!


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You know that you have made it as a black female celebrity when the community creates an Ebonics word just for you. That word is bootylicious and she even uses it in her music. Talk about coming full circle!

Guys that date female fans of Beyonce Knowles know better than to turn down front row tickets to one of her shows. Beyonce repays guys for their romanticism with tons of upskirt panty shots!


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I swear, it seems like Britney Spears upskirt pics without panties seem to show up on the Internet more and more often. Does this girl even own a pair of panties anymore? I bet it has something to do with…


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You see, this is why Hollywood celebrities are supposed to get dropped off in lowered limos. How is she supposed to keep her legs closed when the ground is like four feet away?


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If there is one thing I like about the paparazzi it is that they sure do know how to take pics I could never see otherwise. Who would have thought you could lay your eyes on Kim Kardashian’s lace panties? In public no less?

Kim Kardashian has one heck of an amazing body. Her ass might be big, but it is big in a heavenly way. Her big tits finish out her figure. There is no doubt she is…


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