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Posted By admin on 05/09/12 - Bookmark Celebrity Upskirts


So I guess Miley Cyrus is trying hard to shed her Mickey Mouse Club image and will do anything to achieve that outcome. Miley tried smoking pot and having the video posted. That didn’t work. Though I am sure it was salvia she was smoking based on the reaction she had after smoking it…

Miley also tried posting sexy pics of her then underage self and still that didn’t work. Disney threw in the media spinners and they spun a web of how sorry she was for doing something so inappropriate.

So now Miley Cyrus has taking cues from past Disney Clubbers, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan by exposing her bald pussy to the world. If you don’t know what I am talking about just follow the link on Brit and Lindsey’s names above.

You see, Paris Hilton had it right. Guys like sex! They don’t give two shits about girls that don’t put out. So Paris put out in a big way! Now she is a fucking star!

How does a Mickey Mouse Club alumni break out of the child idol role? She exposes her shaved snatch to the world! You can find all of the naked beavers Hollywood is producing at Banned Celebs.


At Banned Celebs they collect all of the hottest nude pics that make it to the web and they also have the stuff celebrities sue to keep under wraps! Stop wasting your time looking for this stuff when you can have hundreds of celebrity upskirts smacking you right in the face!

Now I know that Miley Cyrus is some kind of role model for little girls, but it ain’t like they are looking up Miley Cyrus upskirt pics. They are looking up Hanna Montana and shit like that. So I doubt this is even going to be a problem for them.

Oh… Speaking of problems. Don’t go see LOL the new movie by Miley. It was a total bomb. It was supposed to be a Hollywood remake of a French remake of an award winning play. Once you recycle something that many times it turns to shit no matter how any stars you throw at it!

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