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Posted By admin on 08/22/13 - Bookmark Celebrity Upskirts
Get cuffed by Ines tonight! Sandra likes showing off her upskirt pics

Being a celebrity has its privileges. Becoming one is a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is a little cash and some flash to make yourself into the coolest guy in the room. Nothing beats being a celebrity amongst your friends. Moments like these last a lifetime.

To test this for myself I went out and got a nice looking suit. Not expensive by any means. Just nice looking. If I tried getting into the good clubs wearing it they would shoo me away at the door. But they won’t be looking at my suit because I am going to have something much more sexy on my arm. Anybody with a girl ten times as hot as they are on their arm must be a rich motherfucker and that is where the Aurum escort service comes in.

Aurum is a full service London escort agency. They have girls available for incall and outcall in multiple locations all over London. Their girls are phenomenal. No matter how good you look, they look better!

So I booked two girls. One for each arm. We hit one of the most exclusive clubs in London. I didn’t even have to talk to the bouncer. He took one look at my escorts and their huge titties before ushering us inside with a big smile. As soon as we got in somebody took us to our very own VIP area. I told him I had some friends coming and he took their names. When my friends got there and got ushered in upon saying my name they were flabbergasted.

One my friends arrived at our VIP lounge they just about shit bricks when they saw my dates. DATES!

Hey, some people take their family to Disneyland in Paris for a vacation. That year I took my friends out for an evening where they got to feel like they were hanging with a celebrity. Oh, and I got to fuck two of the hottest babes I had ever laid.

When you want a wild night give Aurum Escorts a call!

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Posted By admin on 08/08/13 - Bookmark Celebrity Upskirts

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